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Livestock at Colchester Pet Stores

Here at Colchester Pet Stores we are licensed to sell live animals and we take this responsibility very seriously.  We ensure that all livestock coming to us is in top condition.  Free information sheets are available giving advice on feeding, housing, general welfare etc.

We have used the same suppliers for the past ten years and have built up a good relationship with them.  Our rabbits, birds and guinea pigs are purchased from a private breeder who has a passionate commitment to animal welfare and knows that we will only buy the very best young animals.   Our hamsters come from an award winning hamster breeder who is one of the most experienced in the country.  Our fish come from a large, local stockist with many years experience in breeding healthy fish.


We stock young dwarf lop eared rabbits.  They are between six and eights weeks old, the ideal age to become a family pet. They come in a range of colours, both short and long haired.

Guinea pigs

Aged between six and eights weeks old in a range of colours, short haired, long haired and rosettes.  These make ideal pets and companions for rabbits.


We stock Syrian hamsters, aged six to seven weeks old, short and long haired.  These make ideal pets and quickly become tame.  Remember that hamsters are one of the very few animals that are happier on their own.


We sell young budgies in a variety of colours including pieds, yellows, whites, greens and blues.  All our budgies are between six and eights weeks old and we have males and females.


We sell small goldfish, fantails, black moors and calico fantails.

Starter kits

We offer starter kits for our live animals.  This ensures that you have everything you need to start you off with your new pet and consist of the animal, cage, food, bedding, sawdust, water bottle and food pot.  These kits make ideal presents and are more economical than purchasing the items separately.  We will make up customized kits on request.