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Colchester Pet Stores
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Bob Martin




Here at Colchester Pet Stores we take the health and condition of your pet seriously and stock a wide range of excellent products to keep your pet healthy and in peak condition. 


We continually monitor the market to ensure that we keep up to date with developments in health welfare. Our range includes Johnsons award winning 4Fleas range, Bob Martins, Vetzymes, Seven Seas, Hatchwells, M & C, Vitapet, Kitzymes, Shaws, Sherleys.

Flea products

We stock sprays, powers, tablets, liquid neck treatments, flea bombs, foggers, household treatments, cat and dog flea collars, small animal flea treatments, shampoos

Flea collars



Small, medium and large dog wormers, single dose treatment for round and tapeworm, puppy and kitten liquid wormer, cat spot-on wormer.


Vetzymes, Kitzymes and Bob Martins tablets.

Skin treatments

Shampoos, teatree, Exmarid treatment, cod liver oil, Vitapet.



General medicines

We stock a range of other products including rock sulphur, eye balm, calcium, diarrhea treatment, ear drops, garlic tablets, calming aids, rheumatism and arthritis treatments, toothpaste, toothbrushes, coat conditioners, ear and eye wipes, pet behave sprays, stain removers and repellant sprays.

We also stock a range of bird medications.