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Colchester Pet Stores
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Exo Terra


Reptiles at Colchester Pet Stores

New to our range, here at Colchester Pet Stores we have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly the demand for this has grown.  These more exotic pets have very particular needs and we stock everything you need to cater for these.



We stock a wide range of vivariums, ranging in size from 18” x 12” x 12” up to 48” x 18” x 18”.

Heat and light

We stock ceramic heat emitters, heat rocks, komodo heat mats, heat glow infra red lamps, sun glow basking lamps, tight beam basking spots, sun glow day light, night glow moonlight.

We stock fluorescent bulbs series 2, 5 & 10 from 14watts to 42watts, sizes from 15” to 48”, ceramic lamp fixtures and starter units.



Other accessories

We stock thermometers, hygrometers, thermostats, plants, rocks, sand, bark, wood chips, aspin bedding, cork bark.

Reptile accessories Reptile lighting Reptile accessories Reptile supplies


Meal worms


  • Live food:
    We stock live food such as crickets, meal worms, wax worms, morio worms, all size hoppers, locusts. 
  • Frozen food:
    We also stock frozen food such as including pinkies, fluffs, rat pups, small, large and jumbo mice, weaner, small and extra large rats
  • Dried food:
    Dried food for tortoises, turtles, iguanas, bearded dragons and snakes.