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Colchester Pet Stores
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Smaller pets




Seven Seas

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Smaller pets at Colchester Pet Stores

Hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs give hours of pleasure and have simple needs.  Here at Colchester Pet Stores we provide everything you need to keep your small pet happy and healthy.


Cages and hutches

We stock a large range of cages suitable for chincillas, ferrits and rats from popular brands.

We stock cages, both indoor and outdoor hutches and runs.

We also stock a large range of hutches and runs suitable for guinea pigs and rabbits.

Litter and bedding

Sawdust, hay, straw, wood chips, wool and paper bedding, chinchilla dust, cage and hutch disinfectant.



Food, treats and toys

For our smaller pets at Colchester Pet Stores we stock a wide range of foods from leading brand producers as well as our own bagged dried food.

Foods for hamster, gerbil, rabbit, Exel rabbit mix, guinea pig mix. Chinchilla, ferret, rat, mouse.

Food Toys Toys




Smaller pet cages and accessories

Smaller cages – a wide range suitable for hamsters, gerbils, rats and mice


Bowls, water bottles, toys, hamster wheels and balls