Birds & Wild Birds

Whether in aviaries or cages, birds give hours of pleasure.  Here at Colchester Pet Stores we stock everything needed to keep them happy and in good condition.

Nature programs are among the most popular on our televisions and promote huge interest in the birds that visit our gardens.  We aim to provide a range of enticements to encourage birds to visit your garden.  To keep our prices very competitive, we buy best quality seeds in bulk and pack them in various sizes to suit all pockets.

Bird and wild bird food and accessories that we stock include:

  • Bird Cages

  • Accessories

  • Bird Food

  • Wild Bird Food

  • Bird Toys

  • Wild Bird Feeders

  • Bird Treats

Our Bird Products

Bird Cages
Bird Food
Bird Toys
Bird Treats
Bird Accessories
Wild Bird Feeders
Wild Bird Food


Here at Colchester Pet Stores we take the health and condition of your pet seriously and stock a wide range of excellent products to keep your pet healthy and in peak condition.  We continually monitor the market to ensure that we keep up to date with developments in health welfare.  Our range includes Johnsons award winning 4Fleas range, Bob Martins, Vetzymes, Seven Seas, Hatchwells, M & C, Vitapet, Kitzymes, Shaws and Sherleys.

Frequently Asked Questions

We no longer sell birds however, we do sell a large range of bird cages, along with all the accessories you need to keep your birds healthy, happy and amused.

We sell a large range of food to coax the wild birds into your garden.  We sell peanuts, wild birdseed, sunflower hearts and all the fat treats that attract the common birds into your garden.  We also stock niger and mealworms to attract the smaller less common birds like finches, tits and robins.  We also stock a large range of feeders for all of the foods we sell.

“I have been a customer for many years and have always liked the friendly, informed help I receive.  It’s good to support a family business.

Carol - West Mersea

“I went into this shop for advice about flea products for my dog as I found the vet rather expensive.  I got good advice and the products work just as well and are quite a bit cheaper. “

Luke - Colchester

“Colchester Pet Stores has friendly and knowledgeable staff to help me with all of my pet needs. I love this store!

David - Colchester