The keeping of reptiles as pets has become increasingly popular and here at Colchester Pet Stores we have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly the demand for this has grown.  These more exotic pets have more complex requirements and we stock everything you need to cater for these.

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Our Reptile Products

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Here at Colchester Pet Stores we take the health and condition of your pet seriously and stock a wide range of excellent products to keep your pet healthy and in peak condition.  We continually monitor the market to ensure that we keep up to date with developments in health welfare.  Our range includes Johnsons award winning 4Fleas range, Bob Martins, Vetzymes, Seven Seas, Hatchwells, M & C, Vitapet, Kitzymes, Shaws and Sherleys.

Frequently Asked Questions

We always keep in stock live hoppers, crickets, mealworms, morio worms and wax worms.
We have a large selection of frozen foods consisting of pinkies, fluffs, small, medium, large and jumbo mice, rat pups and weaner and small rats.  We can also order in larger frozen products on request.
We have a large selection of reptile products at Colchester Pet Stores.  We sell all the substrates – Bark, Woodchips, Aspin Bedding and calcium sand.  We also stock all the light bulbs, heat mats, hides, food and water bowls and everything you will ever need for your reptile.
We cater for all reptiles at Colchester Pet Stores, our most popular reptiles are Bearded Dragons, Leopard Gecko’s and Corn Snakes.

“A great shop, Mark and Terry are very knowledgeable and always make you feel really welcome, their prices are very competitive, and nothing is too much trouble. They always have what you want be it for our bearded dragon, many cats or our dog!”

Lloyd - Colchester

“This pet store has everything a reptile owner like me could ever need. The staff are very knowledgeable about different species and their diet as well.  The quality of the “live foods” is top notch compared to Pets at Home.”

Jack - Clacton

“This little gem of a pet shop is the perfect place to find what you want for almost any pet you may have! The excellent, caring folks who work there will let you shop in peace but are ready in an instant to answer any question!”

Josh - Colchester